We fight valiantly to defend our castle

What comes to mind when you see a castle? For some it may represent power, while for others it may represent tyranny. It can have a romantic and mysterious elegance, while at the same time it can evoke images of torture and bloodshed to some. Although it may seem as an indestructible edifice, history shows that it is rarely the case. While we recognize that our daily endeavors are an effort to place our lives inside of a metaphorical castle of financial stability, or a healthy family life; we should never lose sight of the threats that surround us. While we might feel a sense of security or contempt with our present situation, it is imperative to maintain a vigilant attitude to protect ourselves from any outer invasion.

In this painting, the outer wall of the fortification has been breached and the ever-vigilant warrior has valiantly moved forward to protect what he has worked for so fiercely; His home, his family, his legacy. With the same intensity we shall live our lives and act as brave protectors to keep what we have been blessed with. The protector is a tribute to those who fight everyday for the well-being of their families and a reminder to always preserve that warrior mentality that has brought us to the higher ground we are trusted to defend.